Radiator Valve of the Month

Radiator Valve of the Month

Posted By: Tony Published: 16/01/2019 Times Read: 1861 Comments: 0

The Hillborough angled, thermostatic radiator valves (TRV) are now available at a great price and a number of different finishes.  Shown here in one of new finishes Polished Copper.

The Hillborough (TRV) radiator valve is a traditional thermostatic valve. It has some excellent features like the real wood wheel head top grade material brass and high quality polish to ensure it stands apart from its contemporaries. Thermostatic valves allow you to alter the temperature of your room easily by pre-selecting your desired temperature and letting the radiator automatically achieve the correct heat output. The range has a choice of desirable finishes that mean you can match your valve perfectly to your radiator.

We recommend all TRV's are installed on the flow rather than the return pipework of a radiator. When used in conjunction with a system automatic bypass valve this thermostatic valve can be installed on either the flow or return in any orientation. System automatic bypass valves are a specific building regulation requirement for all new installations and boiler upgrades. All bi-directional TRV's from any manufacturer require the bypass valve to function correctly and thus avoid radiator hammer.


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