Fired Earth | Little Greene | Paint & Paper Library

Fired Earth | Little Greene | Paint & Paper Library

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An indulgent scheme for the smallest room in the house.

Splash out on the downstairs loo with metallic wallpaper for the walls and aluminium wall tiles above the sink and Palazzo Corsini tiles with border from the floor up to the dado to create a warm and cosy environment. Paint and Paper Library paint in Charbone 288 for woodwork completes the scheme.

Fired Earth tiles: Alchemy Pot of Gold Chevron

This stunning mosaic range is made from pure aluminium. Each element is distressed by hand to create a truly original mosaic pattern.

 Perfect to frame an area such as your shower or as a main feature of any room filling the space with reflection and colour.

Palazzo Corsini

These stunningly pretty mosaics are as chic as the historic Italian buildings they are inspired by. 

Small stone tesserae are painstakingly placed onto a strengthened cement backing before being polished to a gloriously tactile soft finish.

Little Greene wallpaper

Quatrefoil - Kohl from the Botany collection

Roll code 0360QUKOHLZ and is spongeable


Paint and Paper Library 

Charbone 288

Radiator valves:

Hillborough TVR in pewter finish


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